Current situation analysis and recommendation

Current situation analysis and recommendation on the improvement of water supply service and access to water in ger area of Ulaanbaatar

Water is not only a basic survival need, but also a need for personal hygiene and cleaning. Access to water is directly connected to people’s health, hygiene and sanitation. Nowadays the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions of ger district residents haven’t changed much compared to sixty years back from now, becoming even worse due to environmental pollution caused by over population. Furthermore there is no guarantee for residents to live in safe conditions.

In this document, we tried to define achievements and issues and recommend the way to improve of water supply and water usage in ger area based the review on its current situation.
The report provides information on current situation and further tendency of water supply, hygiene and sanitation in ger area in Ulaanbaatar for individuals and local and international organizations who are proposed or implementing water activities in ger area.


Acronyms 4
Preface 5
Methodology 5
Current Policy and Legal Framework Water Supply in Ger District 6
Current Situation of Water supply in the Ger districts of Ulaanbaatar 8
Water Reserves and Water Supply, Consumption in Mongolia 10
Water Tariffs and Policies 14
Ulaanbaatar’s Water Quality and Safety 14
Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Practices of Household in Ger Area 15
The Institutional Framework of Water Sector 15
Perspective of Population Growth, for Water Consumption and Water Supply 19
Opportunities to Reduce the Costs of Water Services 20
Opportunities to Increase Water Access of Households in the Ger Areas 22
Conclusions and Recommendations 25
Appendix 1. 26
Appendix 2. 26
References 27


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